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Voice Conferencing & Bridging Services

VSGi V-Connect
With VSGi V-Connect Voice Conferencing services conferencing just got a whole lot easier. V-Connect services make planning and hosting impromptu or scheduled multi-site voice conferences fast, easy and reliable. VSGi has multiple options to meet your specific meeting requirements. From earnings calls, to product roll-outs and everything in between, our services take the pressure off scheduling and managing multi-site conferences and let you focus on your call.VSGi's Voice Conferencing Services include Operator Assisted and Reservationless+ conferencing.

Operator Assisted Calls
When your meeting requires a higher level of planning and support, VSGi offers Operator Assisted conferencing. The assurance that a dedicated, experienced conferencing professional will manage your call provides piece of mind.

  • Domestic and International conference service
  • Dial-in/Dial-out capability
  • Fax/email broadcast service to disseminate relevant information to all conference participants.
  • Password protection for meetings that require a high level of security.
  • Lecture mode keeps participant lines muted during the call to ensure no disruptions.
  • Roll call option provides a quick operator assisted roll call prior to the meeting ensure expected participants are on-line.
  • Keypad commands allow you to contact an operator; mute/un-mute single/all lines or lock the conference.
  • Leader View provides private, on-line real-time data about participants on a conference Q&A session.
  • Encore services offer digital call recording for future playback of conference. We offer multiple Encore packages based on your needs, so let us know what you would like recorded, and we most likely have a solution.

V-Connect Operator Assisted Calls may be set up with enhanced features and services to provide a flexible conferencing solution. With the widest array of options, we give you audio conferencing your way.

Schedule a conference on your time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's that easy. When you need to get people together quickly, or know exactly what your needs are, V-Connect Reservationless+ is the right choice. Reservationless+ is easy to set up from anywhere, on the road at the office. It's your ticket to the show, without needing a reservation!

  • Domestic and International conference service
  • No reservations required
  • No operator necessary
  • No time limits
  • Leader controlled conference environment
  • Dial-in or Leader Dial-out from conference
  • Fast, Easy and Accurate
  • Tolled/Toll Free #'s
  • Operator assistance available by touching *0


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