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The Visual DialTone Solution
Your videoconference should run smoothly every time. VSGi offers videoconferencing ISDN services with a global reach and at very competitive prices. We make it easy for customers by dealing with the network carriers so you don’t have to.

Visual DialTone Benefits:

Worldwide Reach
ISDN service is available nationwide and internationally in over 65 countries.

Multi-rate, clear channel network
Circuit switched network offers multi-rate service in increments of 56k and 64K, with speeds available up to 1.54 Mbps.

BRI and PRI services
VSGi can help assess your needs and recommend the most effective network transport.

Our BRI service includes:
New BRI circuit ordering, existing BRI circuit PICs, coordinating installation, testing video hardware, troubleshooting, support and long distance billing. Customers will still be billed their MRC (monthly recurring charge) and local usage through their Local Exchange Carrier.

Our PRI service includes:
Ordering, coordinating installation, testing video hardware, troubleshooting, and support. For PRI service, VSGi is the single point of contact for all billing (MRC and usage).

Customer Care
VSGi’s Help Desk maintains direct relationships and access to the carrier and their technicians. When a call is placed into the VSGi Help Desk, our dedicated support engineers will troubleshoot the issue directly with the carrier. This guarantees the fastest response time available.

Competitive Pricing
VSGi’s tenure and large customer base, gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing on ISDN services. We extend our low cost of service on to the customer to ensure the most cost effective videoconference.

Bridging and Gateway Services - VSGi offers V-Connect, Video and Bridging and Gateway Services to support multipoint calls and calls between mixed protocols, such as H.320 and H.323.

Get a return on your investment. Make scheduling your video rooms fast, accurate and easy. VSGi’s web-based resource scheduling applications software makes managing your video resources convenient while providing robust reporting to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Learn more about Video Management Software.

Why VSGi Visual DialTone Service:

  • Proven, market leading ISDN transport method
  • Domestic and International coverage
  • End-to-end solution, single point of contact
  • Flexible bandwidth offering and competitive pricing options

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