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MiCTA Endorsed

VSGi is an Endorsed Vendor
on the MiCTA contract

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State & Local Government

VSGi Partnership with MiCTA

  • VSGi is an Endorsed Vendor on the MiCTA contract
  • VSGi has been awarded a 3-year contract to provide communication solutions to its member community
  • VSGi offers both video conferencing integration & IP network solutions
  • Contracts include all hardware, software and support services for a complete solution
  • MiCTA contract eliminates time-consuming bid process


Video Integration Services
Contract # 105EL-MTVI2008-0212

Network & Conferencing Services
Contract # 0807MSC-A0039

VSGi's Unique Approach to MiCTA

  • Local Account Managers and Engineering Resources:
    • Consultative approach
    • One source for all equipment, network and support
  • Contract Vehicle with competitive pricing and easy procurement
  • Veteran experience and expertise in the design and implementation of:
    • Higher Education applications
    • K-12 Applications
    • State/local government deployments
    • Judicial applications
    • First Responders deployments
    • Telemedicine applications

MiCTA members can simply reference the MiCTA contract number and are guaranteed the lowest prices offered by VSGi. The RFP process has been endorsed by state and university purchasing groups so many members do not need to go out for bid on the products and services that MiCTA has arranged!

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What is an Endorsed Vendor on the MiCTA Contract?

Endorsed - Endorsed vendor status is the highest recognition awarded by MiCTA.

Vendors awarded this status have 1) met all requirements set by MiCTA, and 2) prevailed in MiCTA’s comprehensive RFP process for particular products and/or services for the stated geographical area. An endorsed vendor’s products and/or services have been judged by MiCTA to be the best value based on price, quality, service, etc. as identified during the RFP process. MiCTA will assist endorsed vendors in promoting the products and/or services, marketing the programs for the term of the endorsement – usually a minimum of three (3) years, and assisting in the sales efforts when and where appropriate. In addition, MiCTA will provide a preferential location on the MiCTA web site to promote their products and/or services.

The advantages of being selected as the endorsed vendor cannot be overemphasized. Most MiCTA members choose the endorsed vendor, resulting in greater volume discount pricing, and potentially fewer RFP’s and/or contracts to administer.

(See MiCTA's website for further details)


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