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State & Local Government
Solutions For State & Local Government

The TANDBERG Tactical MXP is a portable and compact video communication tool for use in even the most remote and extreme conditions. Fully integrated and also wireless system is ideal for off-site communication such as construction sites, manufacturing floors, defense operations and in-field media correspondence.

TANDBERG Public SeriesTANDBERG Public Series
TANDBERG Compass is an innovative, fully-integrated solution designed for public spaces. With simple controls, users can easily tap into resources such as information help desks, travel services and translation assistance. TANDBERG Utility is a robust, fully-integrated solution designed for demanding environments. Users easily communicate from correctional facilities, manufacturing floors or university campuses with simple auto-dial capability.

Polycom Mobile Responder™Polycom Mobile Responder™
Based on Polycom's top-of-the-line VSX™ 8000 system, the Polycom Mobile Responder comes complete with an extra large built-in display, camera, microphone, IP network interface and AES encryption. When plugged into a projector, it can handle a large room or group conferences. With a fast setup time and a form factor that it is built to withstand the rigors of travel, the Polycom Mobile Responder is the perfect portable system for rapid deployment applications in any environment.


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