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Judicial & Legal
In the courtroom...
As budget pressures, more court cases, increased inmate population and public safety concerns grow, the courts and correctional systems turn increasingly to visual communications to help lessen these pressures.

Simplify and expedite judicial and correctional processes with secure, safe and durable solutions from VSGi.


The TANDBERG Compass MXP Innovative, fully-integrated solution designed for public spaces. With simple controls, users can easily tap into resources such as information help desks, travel services and translation assistance.

TANDBERG Utility MXP is a robust, fully-integrated solution designed for demanding environments. Users easily communicate from correctional facilities, manufacturing floors or university campuses with simple auto-dial capability.



Polycom Judicial CartPolycom Judicial VSX™ Collaboration Systems
With today's greater emphasis on security, video conferencing is now an essential tool in judicial, legal, and penal environments. In addition, it saves time and money by bringing the courtroom to the inmate, instead of the other way around. Polycom Judicial Wall UnitHowever, not just any video conferencing solution will do. Polycom's Judicial VSX Collaboration Systems (including Polycom Judicial Cart and Polycom Judicial Wall Unit) are specifically designed for the unique requirements of these applications.


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