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Business Voice Service
VoiceWorks™ Business Voice

VoiceWorks™ Business Voice Service


VoiceWorks™, from VSGi, provides superior business-class voice over IP (VoIP) services at lower costs, compared to traditional (premise-based PBX) voice services. Utilizing the industry’s leading VoIP platform, VoiceWorks provides the widest array of features and applications from a single platform, with built-in redundancy, reliability and scalability.

Offered in three flexible service plans, VoiceWorks serves the needs of all voice applications and users, from conference and lobby phones to executives and desktop or remote users.

Why VoiceWorks™?

Absolutely NO capital expenses
Pay one monthly rate for your service and your phones
Reliability - Guaranteed
99.9% reliability backed by the VoiceWorks SLA
Superior Features, Award-Winning IP Phones & Flexible Service Plans
Conference and lobby phones
Executive and desktop users
Remote users
Total Business Voice Solution. One Source.
Business-class VoIP service
Business-quality Internet Access with QoS
State-of-the-Art IP phones
Complete installation & support

Key Features & Benefits

Solid, Proven and Feature-Rich VoIP Platform


Utilizing the industry’s leading VoIP applications platform, VoiceWorks provides the widest array of VoIP features and applications from a single platform, with built-in redundancy and scalability.  Based on this design, VSGi guarantees 99.9% reliability backed by the VoiceWorks SLA (Service Level Agreement), measured for each individual customer.

With VoiceWorks, you get the entire spectrum of PBX features, including all those features most used by your employees today. Additionally, you get features unique to VoIP to streamline your business. Your employees can now use their PCs as true portable offices, able to manage calls directly from the PC. Voicemails can be delivered as e-mails and your employees can initiate calls directly from their Outlook Contacts list.  Should your organization require it, a complete call center application is also available.

VoiceWorks™ ROI


Operational Savings:

  • Call office-to-office globally free of charge  
  • Operate over existing Internet connections
    • Eliminate the need for separate telephone lines or trunk lines to carry your voice calls
    • No more leased lines between locations dedicated for voice calls.
  • No more annual PBX maintenance contracts

Capital Savings:

  • No need for on-site PBX at any location. 
    • Save up to $10,000 for a small system
    • Save over $100,000 for a system handling several remote sites
  • Free hardware and software upgrades over the life of the system
  • No longer pay for user moves, adds, changes or deletes
  • Free up space for equipment (e.g. PBX room)
  • Cut electrical costs associated with premise equipment

Built-In Disaster Recovery, with Redundant Design


VoiceWorks is designed for total redundancy at all levels utilizing multiple servers in multiple data centers, with network connectivity from a host of carriers.  

In cases of a building, environmental, or other catastrophic event, the platform auto-reroutes traffic based on your business continuity arrangements as well as your employees’ routing preferences.

 In addition, the VoiceWorks design utilizes redundant application servers, preventing any one server being overrun.

Premier IP Phones

  VSGi is Polycom VoIP CertifiedAs a Polycom Platinum Partner, Polycom Certified Service Partner and Certified VoIP Reseller, VSGi has extensive experience with Polycom products. Polycom IP phones provide a rich communications experience, with impressive voice quality and a broad feature set to enable your users to be as productive as possible.  VSGi is featuring Polycom
IP Phones with HD to provide the best audio quality currently available from any VoIP handset.

VoiceWorks™ QoS (Quality of Service)


VSGi engineers VoiceWorks to provide business voice quality.  To do this, VSGi makes available QoS parameters through each component of the VoiceWorks service. This includes QoS applied to:

  1. IP phones
  2. VoIP Internet connection
  3. VoIP network

VSGi strongly recommends each customer connect to their VoIP system via a QoS Internet connection, available directly from VSGi.

Why VSGi?


With over 20 years experience, VSGi, a nationwide leader in communications and network solutions, offers its customers a single point of contact for everything from network connectivity to selecting and installing the right voice communications solution. VSGi provides its 3,500+ customers with 24/7 technical support and recently achieved another excellent overall customer satisfaction rating of 96% for service and support, conducted by a third party research group.

When delivering your VoiceWorks service, VSGi brings all the pieces together to design, configure, install, test, maintain and support your business voice solution. VSGi begins by matching users to the proper service plans and IP phones. Then we establish new voice service with features tailored for each user and deliver the IP phones pre-configured. Minutes later, users pick up their handsets and begin making calls.

All upgrades to your service and IP phones are also included with VoiceWorks.

As a Polycom Platinum Certified VoIP provider, VSGi offers state-of-the-art IP phones and partners with Sprint and Masergy to provide IP QoS and MPLS network services.

VSGi assembles all these pieces to make VoiceWorks the complete suite of enhanced PBX functionality – bringing it all together.



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